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Movie Night Blues

April 29, 2010

*Warning this post contains spoilers for 2012 and a few other really depressing movies.*

JD and I don’t get out much. For us planning a date night is, I imagine, almost as hard as planning a night attack on a heavily guarder enemy. So instead of going out and partying like rock stars every weekend, we have been watching a lot of movies as exemplified by this post. We joined Netflix a few months back and because we get as many movies as we can watch a month we have been watching a lot of them. I watch movies for the same reason I read books, to entertain myself and take a break from the many times depressing real world. I should really keep this in mind when I put movies in my queue. For some reason I keep putting really depressing movies in there. A few nights ago we watched 2012, you know the movie about life on Earth coming to an end thanks to a slew of natural disasters. I know, that has good time written all over it.

We knew what the movie was about before we reserved it but JD said we should get it because he heard the actions scenes were good and he wanted to see what they would look like on his TV. (He bought himself some HD monstrosity last year and watching things blow up on the screen makes him happy. Who am I to rain on his parade of destruction?) The action scenes in 2012 are completely unbelievable so you have no time to suspend reality and enjoy them because the whole time they’re playing you’re just saying, yeah right, not even on your best day buddy. And then everyone starts dying. I do mean everyone. Well everyone except the really rich people that were able to spend one billion dollars per person for admittance onto the special ships designed to withstand the natural disasters occurring all over the globe.The ships are really depressing because in real life if something like this ever occurred my family and I wouldn’t have a seat. We would all go down in a massive earthquake or tsunami wave like 99% of the population did in the movie. Not exactly a thought that lifts my spirits late on a Friday night after a long week. The only thing worse in the movie than the almost total annihilation of the human and animal populations were the long, drawn out, dramatic pauses when action was immediately necessary for survival.

2012 isn’t the only depressing movie we’ve seen lately. A few more rip your heart out movies we’ve had the pleasure of losing precious minutes of our life to include: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, a happy go lucky family drama where two sons decide to rob their parent’s jewelry store and end up killing their mother. World’s Greatest Dad, staring Robin Williams that reviews promised was laugh out loud funny. I didn’t find any part funny especially when the son hung himself in the closet from erotic asphyxiation and the dad staged it as a suicide and then profited off it. Brothers, we didn’t even make it halfway through that one before we turned it off. Law Abiding Citizen, was not at all what I was expecting. I had to watch most of it through the hands covering my eyes. And Taking of Pelham 123 which made me scared to ride the subway for months. I picked these movies based on trailers, reviews, or big name stars so I have no one to blame but myself!

The movies haven’t been all bad. We’ve watched plenty that we really enjoyed. The Blindside, Sherlock Holmes, Transformers 2, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, New Moon, Weeds Seasons 1-5, Julie & Julia, and The Time Traveler’s Wife are just a few of the good ones we’ve seen recently. What about you, can you watch any kind of movie and enjoy it or does it have to be a specific type for you to find enjoyment? What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately? And what is your favorite movie time snack? I would have to say a huge bowl of buttery popcorn is my favorite.



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