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Monday Motivation

April 26, 2010

Happy Monday! You know what, this week’s motivation is going to be getting my behind in gear and giving you all more. More than one measly blog post a week about man candy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my man candy, but I have depth too you know. There is more running around in my head these days besides well-defined arms and the way a firm butt fills out a pair of worn jeans. So this week I will find that depth and write about it! (I hope.)

This past week was a busy one. On top of everyday priorities, JD and I have been car shopping. Wait, let me amend that: I have been car shopping, pulling out my hair, crying silently when the salesmen walk away, and wishing someone would find the car I want so I can be put out of this terrible misery. JD has been working himself to death and has had no time to help me. This always happens to us, we buy a car, decide we will keep it until it dies, and then something comes up and we have to go car shopping again. Pain in the behind! I have it narrowed down to two models, now we just have to find the one that is right for us.

The most frustrating part about this whole thing has been talking to salesmen, telling them what I want, and them showing me something I don’t want. In real life I’m a mild-mannered stay at home mom so slamming my hands on their desk and yelling “For the hundredth time that is NOT what I WANT!” is simply not acceptable. Now, if I were a character in one of my stories I could get away with that and a whole lot more. These are the days I wish I were a fictional character, those girls just have more fun.

For this week’s man candy I wanted to give you all a picture of a hot car and an equally hot man. They are surprisingly hard to find. So instead I give you this gentleman. Motorcycle, tattoo, and jeans that look to be worn in all the right places, yum. Enjoy your week!



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  1. April 26, 2010 7:50 am

    I’m speechless. Oh, wait…I just can’t talk because I’m drooling like a fool! 🙂

  2. April 26, 2010 9:57 pm

    Well, I find this photo to be very fitting considering that around these parts the Laughlin River Run just took place. And I agree, the fictional ladies do seem to have more fun. Why is it we can write them, but creating lives to rival our heroine’s seems so difficult? Hope the car thing works out for ya.

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