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Monday Motivation

March 15, 2010

It’s Monday again and I am having trouble getting started this week. Not only did it rain all weekend but daylight savings time showed up to throw my schedule completely off kilter! Copious amounts of caffeine are going to be needed to make it to the weekend. It’s not all bad, I’m an aunt again! My beautiful baby niece Kaylee arrived happy and healthy early Sunday morning and is too cute for words. JD headed out of town for a conference in Cleveland so it’s just me and the MOD’s this week. Oh, don’t worry about me getting lonely, this week’s man candy has promised to keep me company. He looks like fun, doesn’t he? 😉

I’m still plugging away at LRH and making some great progress, I’m up to chapter seven already. I attended a writer’s meeting on Saturday and learned all about the Young Adult market. The amazing Rhonda Stapleton gave two workshops, one on writing the YA Romantic Comedy and another on Self Editing. I learned so much! A lot of my stereotypes about the genre were shattered, in a totally good way. And as a bonus I got some recommended reads, most of which I’ve already put on hold at the library. I will be sure to post reviews once I have a few read.

How are you dealing with the time change, does it throw your schedule off as badly as it does mine? Have a great week everyone!



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