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Monday Motivation

February 22, 2010

Happy Monday Morning! I’m happy to say I’m back among the living after a stressful few weeks. Since the craziness has finally left my life I can focus on writing again. If it hasn’t been obvious, I haven’t had my butt in the chair much since the New Year. And that’s bad! Not to worry, this week’s man candy already realizes how naughty I’ve been and he’s sending me to his room so he can straighten me out. The things I do for writing!

Before I head off for my punishment let’s talk about the writing world. (Or my small corner of it anyway!) If you’re interested in submitting to Carina Press they have a new post up about what stories each of the editors want to see. I found it very interesting. Samhain Publishing has a new anthology call, this one for a Red Hot Winter Anthology. There is still a little time left in the Chase the Dream Writers Contest. It’s free and fast and you only need the first 1K of an unpublished story to enter. If you are looking for other contests to enter visit Stephie Smith’s Contest Chart for Writers. Stephie organizes all the contests into a handy chart complete with deadlines, fees, categories, eligibility, etc.

Enjoy the last week of February! Let’s hope March is a lot warmer and doesn’t come wrapped in more snow.



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