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Tantalize Me Tuesday

January 19, 2010

Yesterday was a holiday at school so both kids were home and the weather was blessedly beautiful. We spent literally the entire day outside playing. So, obviously I forgot to post some man candy motivation. Instead this week you get to be tantalized with both a picture and a few lines from Fated for Passion (my paranormal wip.)  The following is a short conversation between my hero Reilly and my heroine Kierra:

“I guess that explains the dreams I’ve been having.”

She turned around slowly and regarded him with a cautious look. “What kind of dreams, Reilly?”

“Dreams about you. And me. Together.” On the last word, her eyes flashed that brilliant silver color again. “Have you had any dreams about me?”


She answered too quickly to be telling the truth. The heavy breaths that drew the swell of her breasts up to the neckline of her tank top were a dead giveaway as well. His mind flashed to an image from his dreams where his hands surrounded the twin peaks of flesh, plumping and readying them for his hungry mouth. He was hard in an instant. He was out of his chair even faster.

She tried to evade him but only managed to pin herself into the corner of the granite counter. He boxed her in with his body. He placed his hands on either side of her hips and she was so hot to the touch he thought the smoke alarm would sound. He leaned in close and the scent that was only Kierra filled his head. “You’re lying. Do you know what I do to people that are dishonest with me?” Her head moved the tiniest bit from side to side, her long dark hair catching on his stubble covered cheek. “I punish them.”

Well, I hope that leaves you thoroughly tantalized! Have a great week!



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  1. January 27, 2010 5:50 pm

    Whoa. Punishment. I like the way Reilly thinks. 🙂

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