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Monday Motivation

December 14, 2009

Happy Monday Morning! I realized something today, I have been ignoring this blog. I am lucky if I get two posts a week done and this past week I didn’t even get that. Life here has been, well, crazy. With Christmas right around the corner and both my MIL and my dad coming to my house I have been running around like the proverbial chicken with her head cut off. So I am going to make an effort to post more, if not for the rest of 2009, then certainly in 2010! It’s going in the resolutions!

So, tomorrow, my MIL arrives. Eeep! I’m not saying that because she and I don’t get along. We get along wonderfully, always have and I am sure always will. She is a wonderful lady. I am saying eeep because no matter what, it is nerve wracking to have people at your house for more than say, an hour or two. Your hiding places for all those little things you don’t know what to do with but know you must have get discovered. The fact that you loathe dusting is revealed in the bright sunlight of each new day. Proof of your inability to organize your storage room, no matter how many times you try, is shown.

In between trying to get all those things done, baking batch after batch of cookies, taking care of the boys (who will now be sharing a room come bedtime tonight), I have been trying to get the smallest smidgen of writing done. I am so close to the end of Fated and have so many new ideas for Long Road Home that not writing everyday is killing me. Now that the Christmas shopping is almost done and the house is clean I’m hoping I can get back at it. My goal is to have Fated done by year’s end, so that I have a new year and a new story to start it off.

What are you looking forward to most this holiday season? Are you spending the time with family or doing your own thing? Enjoy this week’s motivation. I wish the sunlight in my house would land on him and not all the dust! Have a great week!



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