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Monday Motivation

November 16, 2009

cks-studio-1Happy Monday Morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. The rain finally cleared out here in the nations capital and I was happy to see it go. Being stuck inside with the MOD’s for four days is not a fun thing. Needless to say not much writing got done this week. Unfortunately I don’t see much getting done this week either. We leave on Saturday for our road trip to Florida and I have to spend the week getting ready. It’s not all bad on the writing front though, this weekend I got back into Fated and made some nice additions. I expanded a bit on Micah’s character and the changes he goes through, setting up his back story so that I can flow seamlessly into his story when Kierra’s is finished. So yes, at this point I am working on three stories at once but it’s okay. When I get stuck on one I have two others to fall back on and my muse hasn’t jumped ship yet so I’ll keep on keeping on! Have a great week and I’ll be back on Thursday with thirteen things that are always on my family’s Thanksgiving table. So until next week’s big feast snack on my sugar free, but oh so sweet mancandy!



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  1. November 16, 2009 1:35 pm

    Ah, the best kind of dessert. Calorie free. And sometimes, maybe even a calorie burner? 🙂

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