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Monday Motivation

November 9, 2009

flickr-male-nude-2Happy Monday Morning! What a Monday today is turning out to be too. Why? Well if you are a frequent visitor to Angela James’ Blog you know she had a little secret that was going to be revealed today. Well it came in the form of this Press Release. Go ahead and read it, I’ll wait. That’s right, the editor dragging readers and writers to the digital dark side has a new gig. Carina Press is a digital only publishing house launched today by Harlequin Enterprises and Angie is on board as the company’s Executive Editor. The first books are scheduled to hit the digital shelves in Spring 2010 and Carina Press is currently accepting submissions, for more than simply romance. For more information go to their Submission Guidelines.

Lucky for me the plot bunnies were alive to the sound of my madness this weekend and I came up with two more story lines. A magical spy glass and murders at a haunted house. That’s all I can say for now, the bunnies are still growing and my muse and I are busy taking notes. I’ll be updating the projects page as these new ideas take shape! Like this week’s motivation? Me too! Enjoy him and have a great week everyone!



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