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Monday Motivation

October 19, 2009


*Warning today’s post get’s a little HOT, may not be work appropriate!*

Good Monday morning! I hope the weekend was good for everyone. Mine was definitely educational. I went deep and tight…into the third point of view. Maybe you have heard about this new “trend” of deep or tight third pov. Readers say they read a book first and foremost to experience tension. Tension gives readers an emotional investment into your story. Deep third pov delivers this and more. So why should I care? Because use of a deep third pov makes for a damn fine romance story. It is, in my humble opinion, the backbone of every good piece of romantic fiction. So for my purposes this isn’t a current trend, this is the way to write a great story that will keep my readers coming back again and again.

Sophia, you say, what is the difference between third and deep pov? I’m so happy you asked! I will give two examples of what I interpret it to be and you tell me which puts you into the story more. Which makes you feel like you are experiencing rather than reading? Okay I want you to look at the lovely picture I have posted for this week’s motivation. Let’s pretend for a moment that it is a scene in one of my stories. Third pov would go something like this: “He stood by the window looking out at the view. He smelled that unique scent that was only her  before he felt her small, soft hands on his back. They moved around his waist, one unzipping his fly, the other settling below his waistband.” Not too shabby if I do say so myself, but I think I can do better by making you “feel” what he is.

OK here we go, you might want to cover the little one’s eyes: “He stood in front of the picture window taking in the churning water of the lake outside, lost in the crash of each white cap on the dark surface. He smelled her before he felt her touch. That unique scent of roses and vanilla that was uniquely hers filled his head, scattering his rational. Her small, soft hands feathered over his bare back before she stepped close and crushed her naked breasts against his burning hot skin. Her clever fingers skimmed around his sides, hovering at the waistband of his low slung jeans. One hand dove behind the material, circling and caressing his thick length. The second slowly lowered his zipper, the sound of each metal tooth being freed echoing in the otherwise silent space.” I could go on even more, get a groan or two from each of them but I have to keep this short. 😉  Now, do you see the difference? Which one do you prefer?

I’m willing to bet the stories that we enjoy the most, especially in the romance genre, are written in deep third pov. I took the easy way out and wrote a small love scene, these are normally in that pov. Try applying it to other scenes and see the difference. It doesn’t always work, some scenes simply don’t need it, but those that do are always better for it. So what do you think, is deep third pov a passing trend or is it here to stay? Have a great week and happy read and writing to everyone!



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