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Monday Motivation

October 12, 2009

men-n-music4Monday is here again and there are tons of promotions going on this month. Embrace the Shadows is having a Month Long Masquerade, the VampChix are hosting a Vamp Bash Oct 25-31, and Bitten by Books is going all month long with 31 Days of Dark Delights. Be sure to check them all out, there are lots of treats to be had!

It was a lazy weekend for me and my family. I took the MOD’s out to find Halloween costumes (they have both decided to be dinosaurs and are practicing their roars every chance they get ;)) and made a huge pot of beef stew. That was it. I can’t call the writing I did much of anything. My total word count for the weekend was less than a thousand. Hopefully it will pick up this week. I don’t see how it can’t, there is inspiration everywhere this month. I love Halloween!

Looking for some fun today? Be sure to check out all the participants of Excerpt Monday. There is a heat level for everyone and many amazing authors giving you a taste of their writing. I promise it’s not trick. 🙂 Have a great week!


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